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H2A - Heritage Agro-Allied Foods
Our Facilities - H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.

Our facilities are currently in development in key agricultural States in Nigeria. Our team of experts has experience managing these types of facilities: 

  • Food marketing and job creation
    • Manufacturing and processing of global, ethnic and tribal snacks and ready-to-eat cereals
    • Innovative delivery of taste, crunchiness, crispiness, purchase appeal, nutrition, health and wellness of snacks and cereal foods
    • Expansion into global, ethnic and tribal food marketing
  • Commercial tortilla chips processing lines for contract R & D manufacturing
  • Pilot-scale food laboratories for ingredient and prototype development work
  • R&D laboratory processing capabilities for dehydrated potato ingredients, corn masa flours, tortilla chips, corn chips, corn puffs, pretzels, RTE cereals, and many other food ingredients and products
  • Breakthrough dehydrated potato processes for manufacturing dehydrated potato and corn products with successful commercial production of salty snacks, potato sticks, breads, tortillas and pizzas

H2AFoods Nigeria Limited

H2AFoods Nigeria Limited has demonstrated success in Transfer of Food Technologies with Dr. Tony Bello's Invention of Value-Added Potatoes and Corn Ingredients for making snacks.

Contact H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.
Contact H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.
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