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H2A - Heritage Agro-Allied Foods
The Company - H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.

H2AFoods Nigeria Limited is a world class food company.  We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Heritage Agro-Allied Foods Incorporated based in Dallas-Texas. The company focuses on manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of packaged food products and food ingredients including Savory Snacks, Ready-to-Eat Cereals (RTECs), Cookies, Crackers and processed fruits and vegetables. We manufacture healthy choices and global standards of ready-to-eat-foods from locally grown raw materials.

The company is committed to making a sustainable business out of value-added potato, yam, cassava, plantain, banana, corn and rice by transforming these locally grown raw materials into precooked flours for healthy and nutritious savory snacks. We partner with equipment manufacturers in transforming fruits and vegetables into value-added packaged food products such as tomato paste and mango puree.


The owners of H2AFoods consist of respected and distinguished Nigeria born professionals in the Diaspora, including a consulting team of world renowned experts who specialize in food science, processing and manufacturing. All of the indigenous owners and stakeholders of this company have worked in corporate settings or established and operated successful businesses in the USA and abroad.

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The goal of H2AFoods is to create an enabling environment for employment in the agricultural and food processing sectors through integrated supply chain of locally grown food raw materials that is processed into nutritious and healthy snacks and RTECs foods.

H2AFoods Nigeria Limited

H2AFoods seeks to build food processing factories and desires to maintain day-to-day oversight and management in key agricultural States in Nigeria through private-public joint ventures and partnerships. We plan to build one factory at a time through relationships with our investors, our vendors, our customers, and other stakeholders. Our expectation is that, with expertise, dedication and commitment of all stakeholders, H2AFoods will be able to post no less than 10 to 20 percent growth on a yearly basis.

Business Philosophy
H2AFoods is a people and relationship driven company. Our success is based on commitment and collective teamwork. We subscribe to a bottom-up administration, management and leadership style that is designed to ensure and maintain the ideals of H2AFoods. Our success is dependent on the collective whole. We believe in teamwork that facilitates healthy food choices for consumers of our H2AFoods products. We stand by our products. We stand for quality and safety of our foods.

Contact H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.
Contact H2AFoods Nigeria Limited Inc.
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Heritage Global Foods Inc., 1432 Wainwright Way, Suite 150, Carrollton, TX 75007
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